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About Us

Who we are:

Founded by Ben Hartwick, a former Florida HVAC business owner, and US Veteran, Mechanical Advantage is a family-owned business driven by a strong faith in God. We are committed to more than just providing high-quality tools and accessories; our mission is to empower HVAC technicians. From enhancing technical operations and field efficiency to promoting professional excellence and personal growth, we believe true success comes from excelling in every aspect of work and life. We want to build technicians to their full potential. Partner with us, share our vision and join the HVAC tech revolution to achieve unparalleled success with Mechanical Advantage


Mission Statement:

At Mechanical Advantage, our mission is to transform the HVAC industry by delivering high-quality tools and accessories that empower technicians. We focus on improving technical operations, boosting field efficiency, and promoting professional excellence and personal growth. We are committed to helping technicians reach their full potential and achieve success in every aspect of their work and life.